Gremlins @ Hobo Cinema

Friday 22 December, 8.45pm (1hr42mins)

Rated: 15
Year: 1984
Summary: Classic creature comedy horror produced by Steven Spielberg. When Billy Peltzer (Zach Gilligan) is given the cute and friendly little Mogwai, Gizmo, for Christmas, he is told never to expose it to bright light, get it wet or ever feed it after midnight. But one night when a glass of water is accidentally spilled over little Gizmo, Billy soon finds out why he was told to follow this advice.  Soon after, the town is overrun by a new breed of Mogwai - the 'Gremlins' - who are menacing little reptilian creatures, and far from friendly.

POST SHOW: Our bar and woodland will be open late and we'll be playing classic 80s music for you to get down and dirty to.